Thursday, November 1, 2012

27 Dress-Ups 04: Monochromatix

Oh, hello blogging. We meet again. After all the busy-ness, finally!

It’s the middle of the week and it all feels so dull. There are just these unavoidable times when you can’t help feeling out of your game. Good thing at the end of it, I still feel pretty fab despite the monotony. Haha!
As a tribute to monotonous middles of the week, I sported monochrome hues in this look. Grays and black and whites just really feel so natural to me. I bet they’ll never go out of style in whatever generation to come.
Of course, pops of color would be advisable. A pinch of red timelessly does the trick. Maybe a red belt or something would make this look better. But I was too in to a monochrome look to even consider.

Well, have a less dull week ahead. Hope we all have more exciting surprises along the way. Happy halloween btw! Hope we have a halloween thing later at work so it'll fun! :D

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