Monday, August 15, 2011

Grad Photo Concepts

Graduation photo-taking is a little under a month away and I haven't decided on my final concepts yet.

Surely, I'll have a "fashion" shot. And I'll give all my convincing powers into having the folks pay for the package with a "creative" shot.


For the fashion, I was thinking of a more vintage look, something to this effect:

A dress like this, my dream polka dot dress with peter pan collars, would be perfect. And those adorable wedges too. (Tricia Gosingtiao @Lookbook)

High-waist shorts and a crisp vintage top would be very tasteful. (Kryz Uy @Lookbook)

And of course, Blair's in my top choices.

If only I can find that stunning dress... And that to-die-for cape...
And yes, I'm also thinking of posing as the Constance queen B!

Those dresses would also be perfect!
And this look by Serena in the GG pilot is also in my choices. It's a basic sailor look, and I already have the shirt. Minus the jacket idonlikeit.

And I'm also considering an old Hollywood concept!

A Manilyn Monroe look with those gorgeous locks would be fabulous.

And definitely, an Audrey Hepburn look would be soooo epic.

The classiness would just be so gorg...

Sooo... What do you think? (: