Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Resurrection of the 90s

Aside from artists such as Spears, Aguillera and Lopez trying the best of their age-ridden selves to make a comeback today, the fashion of the decade they first and so successfully bloomed and took over (and, frankly, should have never left) have made a stylistic return in the 22nd century. 90s fashion have become a huge influence of my wardrobe. Hallmarks of the look are tucked-in tops in high-waist pants and a belt. It made a trend in the type of women who are a balance of being laid-back yet classy at the same time. It's not the type of clothes that are very revealing, very showy of skin. It's more of conservative but flattering and, in a mysterious kind of sense, sexy.

The shirt could be anything from the basic t-shirt to blouses to sweater types, from round necks to turtle necks to off-shouldered necklines. And common sense tells you that it has to be long enough to be tucked in.

A variety of the look is replacing the “long-enough” shirt with a hanging shirt. Of course, the hanging shirt has to be tastefully hanging, meaning, the skin shown should never be too much, and, as any decent human being, you should have a beautifully sculpted or at least flat abdominal region to show off. Remember, the look says laid-back YET STILL very classy.

The belt could be skinny or medium thick (those very thick belts don't really fit in the look), depending on availability, mood or vibe you want to portray, or your body type. The pop of color of a skinny belt sets off the kind of personality you have, say, yellow for the bubbly, cheerful, optimistic types and red for the hot, saucy, sexy types. For the medium thick belts, it could be a basic black or those weaved brown leather with a stylish buckle. Skinny belts look very flattering on bigger, curvier girls, while the thicker belts complement petite or slim body types.

The pants could be long jeans or denim shorts. They don't have to be too high-waisted. You can create a more 90s feel by folding the cuffs of skinny jeans just above the ankles. And they should never look like hideous, real 90s mom jeans. Pockets with geometric linings at the back make sure you look good from the back.

Flats and slippers are key shoes for this outfit. Wedges, booties and espadrilles also really go great together with the 90s trend. Boots would be a great option, but the disposition of boots in Philippine society is not too good. But if you have the confidence to wear them and you actually own really nice pairs, then, by all means, flaunt those boots!

And here's my take on the look.

(very sorry for the poor quality photos, the over-exposure of the first one and the lack of lighting of the second one.)

Hopefully, the trend has come back to stay. Unlike the aforementioned teen pop sensations, I think that the look really has a timelessly edgy quality to it. It's very comfortable, it's very stylish, and it's very classic. It's a set of pieces every modern girl should own and confidently wear.


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