Friday, September 28, 2012

Archived: Book Shopping in Blue and S&R’s NY Style Pizza

This outfit’s actually already ages past. They were taken by my bestie, Martin, when I accompanied him to book shopping in a bookstore in Trinoma. I must say, the ambiance there was quite exceptional compared to others. It gives you the peace you need when trying to decide your next good reads.
Anyway, as for this casual outfit, I went for a very chic ensemble with main tones of blue and white. The brown belt and bag were in dull tones just so it’s not a monotony of bright and bubbly.
I added the yellow tassels for an extra flair of color. To frame the face, I let the curls and my braid fall to one side.
Later on that night, we stayed over in our friend’s house. Her mom’s like the superstar baker and that night, she served us the heavenliest moist rum cake drizzled with some condensed milk. I learned that the secret to moist cake is the addition of pudding to the ingredients. I will surely try that soon!
Sorry for the blurry rum cake photos. Couldn't get it right! Still looks yummy tho. Hehe.
They also treat us to S&R’s NY Style Pizza. I never thought that something bought from the supermarket could be so gourmet-tasting! Unlike other pizzas, the toppings were really a burst of fresh flavors and the dough was baked to be chewy and light.

It’s a must try, guys! Toodles!

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