Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Round Morato in a Maxi

As an initiation to a more independent lifestyle, my friends took me recently to my very first Saturday night out in the bright and busy streets of Tomas Morato. I was with two groups of friends – my officemates and my high school friends and here’s what went down all night: shopping in the boutiques in the ABS-CBN building (which I found out was like Divi placed in a nicer environment and only fully opened during paydays), helping this foreigner football player who got robbed (we really had our sympathies and empathy for him), a Yellowcab feast for 4, karaoke in Music Bank, then with my HS buddies:  drinks and K24/7, the awesome RNB band that played our high school proms, in this nice little bar called Tony’s, and lastly, “masa” that we are, we ended up in a Bentelog (twenty peso meals of rice, egg and a viand) place for an after-hours chow.
What was I wearing throughout the night? I pulled together a “classy” outfit – a printed black maxi paired with black leather and espadrille-heeled wedges.
I love the comfort that wedges give me. They’re such a treat for feet on the go throughout the night. They also protected my feet from being soaked in the puddles of that rainy night.
It’s my first time to wear a maxi, and I have to say that it was really comfy and I felt so girly. Hehe. It’s certainly a versatile dress that one can wear in many occasions.
Props to the stray kitty behind me. Awesome photo element, and in tune with my color palette even!

We’re going out Saturday again after payday, so see you there? (:

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