Friday, June 29, 2012

Day Out: Going Vintage and Zark's Ultimate Burger

I'm back! (: And to celebrate my return, this blog will both feature fashion and food! And some personal bits as well!

Last Wednesday was such a bizzy day out for me. I went to the university library to study for the board exams tomorrow. Twas one of my last study days. Wuhoo! Excited to get it over with! Teehee!

Then, I went to our college and received the delivery of my last baby as the school publication editor-in-chief, the Lampara magazine of the Nursing Journal. Of course, as per request of my RLE (duty) group mates, I took photos with all my babies!
Forgive my goofy face. Was just sooo excited to finally have em all. Hihi!
One broadsheet, one journal, one magazine and three folios - one hell of a year!
Next, I was off to meet with my hunny to accompany him to the doctor (an accomplishment after all the nagging I did just so he would get the check-up already.) He claimed that the look I pulled off that day was "pang-mayaman." I went for a vintage and classy chic vibe. What do you think?

That vintage top is actually a dress tucked in a pair of Bayo trousers that I folded for cooler feel.
I was able to scavenge that vintage necklace in my mom's collection. Since it was originally too long, I removed some of its length with pliers. Don't be afraid to do DIYs every now and then!
I found those precious shoes hung in Rob Ermita's department store. For 250 bucks, it's a pair that can make any outfit chic.

After that, my friends and I had our much-awaited Zark's escapade in Taft. I never expected that a burger meal would ever be satisfying for my rice-is-what-fills-me stomach, but Zark's surely turned that idea around.

My choice: Zark's Ultimate Burger - A hefty beef patty with lettuce, tomatoes and - wait for it - BACON, glazed with cheese and sandwiched by yummy soft buns. With monster fries and iced on the side, the meal totaled only 150 bucks!
One of my friends attempted the Jawbreaker challenge - attempt being the operative word. Why? Well... 
This is Zark's Jawbreaker, a three-pattied concoction of high protein and greasy goodness. You can enjoy the meal without any time limit for 250 bucks (with bottomless iced tea already!) 

I can't imagine how people can chow down this monster meal in 5 frickin minutes, but there's a whole wall of people who were able to do it! If you accomplish the challenge, you get the meal, worth 300 pesos (cause it has a bigger serving of fries), for FREE! and you also get a shirt and your proud photo on the wall.

Lastly, I and my bestie, Martin went on to the Nursing Journal general assembly, where they ('cause I couldn't handle another bite after that hefty Zark's meal) feasted on our favorite Noodle King garlic wings and bihon, and Calda Pizza's 36-inch Quattro Stagione - both must-try local fastfoods, I tell you! More on these two greats later!

As a resolve, I've decided to be "more personal" in this blog, like in this post. I also tried starting anew with another blog, The Manila Spectator, but I'm thinking of reverting everything back here. Hopefully, since the board exams will be over soon, I'll have more time to update this blog and come up with exciting posts and even contests and giveaways, so stay tuned!

Cheers to a new beginning!