Friday, August 10, 2012

Three Topmost: Glam Edition (Repost from TMS)

Here we go again with our three favorite fashion royalties: Laureen Uy, Kryz Uy and Camille Co. This time, we see how these ladies glam up and grace black tie events in style.

We start today with Laureen’s sexy looks, first in her Aztec print dress.
What make this look stand out is its combination with the blue printed oversized purse, gold pumps and that perfectly-framing dangle earrings.

Next, she wears a simpler yet more elegant nude dress paired with the same gold pumps.
With the nude dress, she finishes with a basic cuff and earrings and a popping ring for a flare.

A red maxi dress with basic gold highlights artfully sown together by Kryz gave a whole mysterious and rather intriguing femme vibe that always keeps heads turning at parties.
To make the look more formal, the look can be tweaked by switching to pumps and keeping the hair nude.

Kryz also shows how to surely be the life of a party (and the one talked about since after) as she wears such a stunner and, in every sense of the word, glam dress.
With the hair up and minimal simple accessories, I’m quite positive she really stood out in that party.

Our favorite in the glam genre would definitely have to be Camille, first in this shimmering top paired with nude layered skirt and heels.
The gold belt did the trick of fusing the two pieces like what she’s wearing is actually a dress.

Lastly, Camille shows how textures and colorful prints can uniquely stand out in a sea of dull formal party dresses.
With the perfect accessories, making this bold statement puts one in the ranks of the epically remembered characters in the party.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Helgaholic: The Quirky One (Repost from TMS)

One of Manila’s "hippest" lifestyle bloggers today is Ms. Helga Weber of and

Aside from feature beauty articles, her true-to-self and frank statements on various issues that fancy her way, her passion for ink (tattoos, that is) and hair dying, her devotion to her cat and photography, she paints her blogs with fashion posts that show her creative side. Her followers just love all her pretty quirks.
Helga's latest do. Aquamarine with hints of pink and blue at the ends.
Edgy as he is, she also sported a half-shaved head for some time.
It all started here. (Well, not rilly here, but this is how simple her hair dyeing business started.)
Unlike others who rely on brands to be fashion-forward, she’s one of the bloggers that’s very appealing to the “masa” (relatable to the public) of Manila, as one proud-of-it thrift store shopper aside from being patrons of the truly worth-her-money brands.
She pairs certain pieces for casual wear...

But she can easily glam them up too.

Combining thrifted bargains with branded finds is one of Helga's fortes.

Helga shows that even the average girl can be highly fashionable if she just has the keen eye on using her resources well.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Three Topmost: Print-on-print Edition (Repost from TMS)

Oh, I so missed blogging! I've been too busy accomplishing work requirements and adjusting to "semi-independent" life. Well, here goes some lazy reposts. Hope you guys enjoy them like my previous ones! :D

This time, we take a look on one of the hottest trends in fashion today: print-on-print. Fashion has surely 360-ed from the formerly oh-so-conventionally minimalist with this one as pairing a couple of printed pieces becomes all the rage. Of course, who does it better than our three favorite bloggers, Camille Co, Kryz Uy and Laureen Uy.

With this look, Camille dazzles with actually two trends: floral designs and print-on-print. How the outfit comes together is a matter of choosing the dominant print colors.
Here, she went for the very feminine pink and powder blue with the third printed piece, the adorable wedges. Very doll-like, isn’t she?

Kryz here went for the classic animal and geometrical prints. One rule of thumb in playing with prints is mixing shape-oriented with linear.
The studded cuffs and peep toes go blended well together with the outfit.

Fad Salad’s favorite for this style is Laureen in her peach and black combo.
Another tip for the print-on-print trend is mixing and matching light and dark-colored pieces.

Since prints are such bold elements already, sticking with two basic color palettes and maybe little highlights with classic colors like gold (as shown in both Camille and Laureen’s looks) would make the look more fashion-fused.