It has been the longest of times since I last wrote a blog entry. I can't say anything other than I'm very sorry and I've missed it – a lot. For that longest of times, writing has been merely work for me. Writing served as a means to fulfill obligations and requirements. I wrote articles for the school publication, and I wrote academic papers and nursing paperwork for my courses, both of which I only half (or, some, even not at all) enjoyed. Writing for the sake of writing, which in my book means blogging, has been a luxury these past few months, and boy, was I bedrock broke.

            So here I am. Blogging again – at frickin' last.

            I can say that from my last heartfelt blog, which was actually quite gag-worthy I might say, things have changed a lot. Moreover, I have changed a lot.

            First of all, I realized that my blog was not reaching much. The entries were very shallow and maybe just a hint of entertaining. Solution? I'm going to write differently. As suggested by my good friend Boy Acads who enthused me to start blogging again, I've decided to focus on two my other passions – the culinary arts and clothing technology, in lay man's terms, food and fashion. Hence, the new blog. (Hooray! :))

            In a world where I could have chosen any profession I wanted, no matter the cost, I would have chosen culinary arts (after journalism or creative writing, of course). There's something about cooking that makes me feel so special, as if I'm suddenly a supernatural instrument in turning raw ingredients into delicious dishes. I find sheer joy in being able to serve my family and friends masterpieces they find sheer joy in consuming. That's why I love cooking and baking so much. I also take delight in indulging in food I bet my good money on. I really, really appreciate the effort of cafes, restaurants, fast food chains and canteens in producing quality products filled with flavor instead of consumer marketing crap and advertising bogus. This is why I will take pride in featuring these food and food places half the time here.

            Next, I've been really in to fashion. Sewing, thrift-finding and fashion blogs and sites hopping have been a staple in my internet browsing regimen. It all started with my 30-buck trench coat, which I shall feature and file under thrift finds in a future entry. My main style influences are Kryz Uy, Tricia Gosingtian, Helga Weber (,, OTH characters Peyton and Brooke, Leighton Meester's Gossip Girl character, Blair Waldorf, ANTM and Project Runway. It's really a mix of both local and foreign icons who know how, in the simplest of terms, dress really well. They set trends and put their own twists in the current fads, which, btw, I aim to do in the commoner's tightest budgets. I'll feature these style icons and more the other half of the time here.

            And how in the world do these two go together?

            It would appear that food and fashion are two totally different concepts that don't go together at all. But I chose to tribute the two arts for the simple reason that they make a person feel good. The food is more for the taste of the tongue, while the fashion is more for the taste of the eyes. In indulging in these two diverse flavors of life, you get to have royalty's treatment, and who wouldn't want that every once in a while, right?

            I do hope that this time, I'll get it right. Hopefully, despite the various popular and noted food and fashion blogs in the blogosphere, mine, despite amateurism, will be welcomed with open arms.

            Indulge and enjoy in my Fad Salad!