Friday, November 9, 2012

27 Dress-Ups 07: Pink Perky Fridays

Throughout the week, we’re lost when in comes to dates in the office. There are just two days that we become highly aware of – Mondays and Fridays – the former being the mother of all awareness that it’s back to work, back to business, and the latter boiling down to the weekend’s anticipation. Fridays bring ambiguous feelings toward work – either you’re so pumped to get it over with that you’re breezing through everything, or you’re so down and lazy bringing all the negative vibes in your work. Well, instead of sulking through work and almost throwing up every next bit, it’s surely miles better to choose to be positive!

What better way to bring sincerely perky vibes into the workplace than with dashes of bright, happy colors. They surely brighten up the environment and the mood (well, for the fashion frenzied anyway). And what happier colors are there other than pink and yellow?

I just love the patterns of this pink polo shirt. They’re quite unique and exquisitely crafted if you look closely. They naturally take the edge off of any dull plains.
These colors were also treats to the eyes of boyfie’s nephew, who we babysat before work. Nevertheless, they’re certainly powerless when the infant started to get all fussy and wouldn’t stop crying for like an hour (which seemed like eternity to us.) That really took out a lot of energy! (Not to mention the strengthened regard to NOT have kids till we’re surely prepared! Haha.)

I know I got a little – well, maybe even a lot – silly when it came to taking these photos. I figured – fun outfit equals fun poses. Teehee! We all deserve a break! Have a fun weekend!

Monday, November 5, 2012

27 Dress-Ups 06: Going Rockchic

Starting the week strong – that’s what this rock chic look is for. Who says you can’t go rock-ish in the office, right?
This earthy printed dress was too formal with its silky ruffle neckline, so I hid that beneath a lace bolero and voila – something not-so “are-you-going-to-a-debut?” Hehe.  That’s the trick with too formal dresses – you just have to pair them with jackets, cardigans or covers that would “tone their formality down.”
I just love these strappy heels. They’re one accessory that can surely pull off a head-turner look.
I know Mondays are quite heavy to take for some because it’s the start of the week and all, so being all back to business but glam at the same time wouldn't really hurt just so it’s not all bad. Try it! :D Have a productive week ahead!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

27Dress-Ups 05: Hot like the Devil's Home

Pair a little colorfully textured top with some flowy maxis and what will you have? – A hot as hell outfit! Tsss! (like the sound a sizzling plate makes. Haha!)
Before, I would never have the courage to be fashion-forward with my looks. I guess with time came my confidence. The clothes also surely give you a sense of security and power, which is surely what the essence of the expression “power-dressing,” is.

Who says you have to limit yourself to boring slacks and skirts? Try experimenting with pleated maxis like this or even printed skirts and dress pants.
These maxis were actually too long for my five-foot frame. What more fabulous fix than high heels? I got these wedges from So! Fab and I tell you, they’re one of the coziest for the feet, aside from being truly “so fab.”

Cheers to a hot, hot week!

Bloggers United 4: Finally it's Set! (Get a chance to win tickets!)

I'm so psyched that finally I got to watch out for the fourth installment of Bloggers United 4! During the last BUs, it was either I didn't know where or when it was or I was stuck in the sea of school and extracurriculars. Now I'm free and I'm all set to go on December 15th/16th! FINALLY! :D

I just bought my ticket online recently. Well, I actually bought two 'cause shopping would be lonely with just by myself, right? But then I thought, hey, why not get a chance to meet people and treat them to a date then?


I'm launching my very first blog giveaway! Woot woot!
Hehehe! More about this silly photo soon :D
Up for grabs: A ticket to Bloggers United 4: An Interactive Shopping Affair @World Trade Center c/o World Bazaar Festival on December 15 or 16,2012 (I'll be picking 2 winners OR MORE!)

Joining is very easy, like all others. Here are the instructions:

Step 1: You gotta add me in GFC (Google Friend Connect) if you have one.  (Plus pogi points in winning!:D) There's a widget somewhere there in the sidebar, just hit + >>>>

Don't have an account? No problem! Step 2 doesn't require you one!

Step 2: Review my past posts (or wait for the ones to come before the contest period ends) and pick one you like. Make the most creative comment in any one, and voila, you're in!

Step 3: For some more winning pogi points, share Fad Salad or this giveaway on Facebook or Twitter! No need to tag or hash tag anything, just be sure to post the links for reference, of course. You can also add/follow/+fan/hype me or Fad Salad up in FB, Twitter, Lookbook.NUChictopia, Fashiolista, BlogLovin and NuffnangX (search for: Fad Salad/

Step 4 would just be for formality and increased chances of winning: Comment below this thread with your name, e-mail address, the link of your comment or the post you left a comment on and the link of your Facebook and/or Twitter account and your share (if you did).

So how will winners be picked?

I'll judge the comment based on creativity or wisdom (haha, no I mean, those who'll even impart tips and great critiques) with a point scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest. Then, I'll up the points from all the adding/sharing which would be the following:

  • Adding me in GFC - 5 points
  • Having another friend add me in GFC - 5 points each friend
  • Sharing Fad Salad/this giveaway- 5 points each share
The ones with the most points would win. That's it. (:

Contest Period: Today up till December 2, 2012 9:00 am, Manila Time (that's exactly 4 weeks so there's so much time to join!)

How do the winners claim their prizes?

We can meet up whenever before or during the event. I might be going during the second day only but I might also go on the first. We'll see. We can just talk it over text once the giveaway's done. (:

Now, I'm not expecting many adds or shares 'cause this may not be too big a deal, but those who would take the effort would really deserve more chances of winning, right? And unlike most online giveaways I browse, I don't like leaving everything to fate and randomness (not that there's anything wrong with that), but I think these prizes should be given to those who'll be most creative and "effort-ful." Also, just to give the emphasis, I might be picking more than two winners so get yer creative juices flowing!

And for all you bloggers out there who'll be joining BU4... See you there! Can't wait!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

27 Dress-Ups 04: Monochromatix

Oh, hello blogging. We meet again. After all the busy-ness, finally!

It’s the middle of the week and it all feels so dull. There are just these unavoidable times when you can’t help feeling out of your game. Good thing at the end of it, I still feel pretty fab despite the monotony. Haha!
As a tribute to monotonous middles of the week, I sported monochrome hues in this look. Grays and black and whites just really feel so natural to me. I bet they’ll never go out of style in whatever generation to come.
Of course, pops of color would be advisable. A pinch of red timelessly does the trick. Maybe a red belt or something would make this look better. But I was too in to a monochrome look to even consider.

Well, have a less dull week ahead. Hope we all have more exciting surprises along the way. Happy halloween btw! Hope we have a halloween thing later at work so it'll fun! :D