Friday, November 9, 2012

27 Dress-Ups 07: Pink Perky Fridays

Throughout the week, we’re lost when in comes to dates in the office. There are just two days that we become highly aware of – Mondays and Fridays – the former being the mother of all awareness that it’s back to work, back to business, and the latter boiling down to the weekend’s anticipation. Fridays bring ambiguous feelings toward work – either you’re so pumped to get it over with that you’re breezing through everything, or you’re so down and lazy bringing all the negative vibes in your work. Well, instead of sulking through work and almost throwing up every next bit, it’s surely miles better to choose to be positive!

What better way to bring sincerely perky vibes into the workplace than with dashes of bright, happy colors. They surely brighten up the environment and the mood (well, for the fashion frenzied anyway). And what happier colors are there other than pink and yellow?

I just love the patterns of this pink polo shirt. They’re quite unique and exquisitely crafted if you look closely. They naturally take the edge off of any dull plains.
These colors were also treats to the eyes of boyfie’s nephew, who we babysat before work. Nevertheless, they’re certainly powerless when the infant started to get all fussy and wouldn’t stop crying for like an hour (which seemed like eternity to us.) That really took out a lot of energy! (Not to mention the strengthened regard to NOT have kids till we’re surely prepared! Haha.)

I know I got a little – well, maybe even a lot – silly when it came to taking these photos. I figured – fun outfit equals fun poses. Teehee! We all deserve a break! Have a fun weekend!


  1. This look is definitely a scene stealer. Ehem! It' fah-bulous! With the contrast of neon pink and yellow, you'll get to attract peeps. You can walk the colors! Plus add some angst... Ohh, perfect!