Monday, November 5, 2012

27 Dress-Ups 06: Going Rockchic

Starting the week strong – that’s what this rock chic look is for. Who says you can’t go rock-ish in the office, right?
This earthy printed dress was too formal with its silky ruffle neckline, so I hid that beneath a lace bolero and voila – something not-so “are-you-going-to-a-debut?” Hehe.  That’s the trick with too formal dresses – you just have to pair them with jackets, cardigans or covers that would “tone their formality down.”
I just love these strappy heels. They’re one accessory that can surely pull off a head-turner look.
I know Mondays are quite heavy to take for some because it’s the start of the week and all, so being all back to business but glam at the same time wouldn't really hurt just so it’s not all bad. Try it! :D Have a productive week ahead!

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