Sunday, November 4, 2012

27Dress-Ups 05: Hot like the Devil's Home

Pair a little colorfully textured top with some flowy maxis and what will you have? – A hot as hell outfit! Tsss! (like the sound a sizzling plate makes. Haha!)
Before, I would never have the courage to be fashion-forward with my looks. I guess with time came my confidence. The clothes also surely give you a sense of security and power, which is surely what the essence of the expression “power-dressing,” is.

Who says you have to limit yourself to boring slacks and skirts? Try experimenting with pleated maxis like this or even printed skirts and dress pants.
These maxis were actually too long for my five-foot frame. What more fabulous fix than high heels? I got these wedges from So! Fab and I tell you, they’re one of the coziest for the feet, aside from being truly “so fab.”

Cheers to a hot, hot week!

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