Sunday, September 23, 2012

Chic in Sheer

Thank you for visiting Fad Salad; my name is Ginyn. May I have your first name and the initial of your last name, please!
After an indescribably long hiatus, I’m back! The reason for such a great absence is the very reason for the opening spiel of this entry – my newfound career in the BPO industry! We just finished training and transition, and we’re off to production now. WUHOOO!

I must say, the whole experience has been great so far, with great being the operative and ambivalent word there. There were lots of fun moments, especially with my crazy “wavemates” and lots of nerve-wracking and overwhelming days especially during OJT! Overall, and unlike others with negative stereotypes about the job, I really find fulfillment and pride in what I’m doing. (Plus, the pay’s not really bad either! Hehe!)

Anyway, throughout the communications and product trainings, I’ve been trying to stay oh-so-fab with my outfits. Of course, despite the stress, one should fight with lots of vitamins and lots of positive energy. What better way to attract good vibes than to face each day dressed to impress?

I really do regret not taking more pictures since I thought my mom, who recently had her “business” Eurotrip, brought our cam and later on found out that it was just here in our home. I promise to make up for that these coming weeks for sure! Okay, here the first one goes!
Well in the company, we have dress up policies wherein we should all be in business attire. There are days, however, that we’re allowed to “dress down” where we can wear jeans and flats. I really take advantage of those days when I want to wear a pair of jeans for comfort. Of course, even if the bottoms of the outfit are just jeans, the flair of a colorful top will surely cure the spell of dullness.
Here I chose to wear my colorful sheer kimono. It’s actually an awesome top – a really good investment if you’re shopping – ‘cause it can also be used as a cover-up for summer outfits or swimwear. I actually first used this in our trip to Boracay earlier this year.
Of course it looks best pulled together with a black inner garment like a bustier, but who knows? Maybe other colors like pink or yellow will look great with it as well. I also wore a clack chain choker "to fill in the void," so to speak, of the big V neckline that the top made. That little blue Asian bracelet was just added for an extra pop of color.
I picked these heels from Figliarina to make the outfit a classy and a little on the high fashion look. The dull tone of the shoes makes the top the center of attention of the outfit. Btw, I recently found fondness in pairs of high kicks which give my short stature and consequently my confidence a little boost, and I’ll be showing them to you in my future posts.
Well, that’s it! More in store for you next time!
Thank you for visiting, and a have a great day!

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