Friday, April 29, 2011

Imperial Indulgence that's Commoner-Friendly

Ever in need of comfort food but a tight budget constricts you from treating yourself into those really expensive, status symbol-type of food establishments? Well, this just might be the blog for you. The meals I will feature here will be highly pocket-friendly yet certainly indulgent.

First up, my personal favorite – Kiampung, a Chinese style fried rice. A sort of mushy Chinese rice sauteed in pork, mushroom and a special sauce, served with a side of nuts. Kiampung is an interesting combination of two opposite but complementary textures, the chewy and the crunchy. You sink your teeth into the most flavorful mush of rice then encounter some nutty goodness upon mastication. It's simply a feast for the whole oral cavity, from the teeth to the taste buds.

Kiampung is the most unique offering of Chinese restaurant, Imperial Kitchen located at the first floor of the Carpark Building of the University of Santo Tomas, right in front of the UST Hospital. It's perfect with all their other entrees like their Shanghai rolls, kikiam, wantons, fish and tofu in tausi sauce, sweet and sour pork and various others. Also available are ramen or noodle soups and congees, and for desserts and sweets, chocolate mousse, brownies, caramel bars, taho and hot or cold soy milk.

Kiampung gets a perfect 5 stars for its low cost yet very gourmet appeal and taste.

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