Friday, May 6, 2011

2 Firsts Last 2nd of May

One is my very first bloggers event! It was a scorching hot World Bloggers Day in the metro last Monday. My dear friend, Boyacads, tagged me along a bloggers’ general assembly in SM Cubao Cyberzone. The gathering proved to be an occasion of learning from each other and making new, and awesome, very accommodating friends. Some of them were lifestyle blogger Azrael of Azrael's Merryland (who actually presided the event) Kuya John or Kumagcow, Justin of, Kuya Alexei of and some of the PMC moms. To top it all off, we got to feast in meals generously provided for by that Mang Inasal branch. Interestingly enough (well, at least for me), I was invited to visit one of the bloggers’ friend who recently opened a salon and check out the whole hairstyle scene in the middle of Q.C. I’m not sure it will push through but I am hoping it would. More on that soon. It was a day surely well spent celebrating a date dedicated to the “online press.”

"Bloggers Area" @ SM Cubao Cyberzone (photo by Azrael)

BoyAcads and I @ Mang Inasal (photo by Kumagcow)

Next, on my way home, I stumbled upon a thrift store along the corner of Monumento and EDSA. Though I was very tired, parched and blazed, I decided to reward myself to some shopping. I remembered a conversation with Boyacads on our way home about pants, about how few we have to be enough for the many casual-wear days of summer. And so, I was determined to acquire new pants for myself, and I did – I even got two!

They’re both high-waisted sailor skinny pants (resembling those sported gorgeously by Ping of above; actual photos soon, after I triple washed them already), one is of a dark navy blue dye and one is almost black. The former is a Marella denim number while the latter’s a piece from Bossini jeans. With almost similar hues, why buy both? Well it all lies in the fabric. The Marella denims can be a go-to piece for any casual occasion. However, when the legs are craving for extra comfort and ease of movement, the Bossini pants do the trick since it’s made 100% stretchy cotton. These two new pairs of pants are truly great additions to my closet. At 35 bucks a piece, haggled at 60 for both, they’ll never EVER be regrettable!

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