Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Family Sunday (Old Post-Edited)

Out of the blue, my mom and dad decided to take us to Luneta. Both of which didn't go "technically." We were about to get to Luneta Park, but to our dismay, it was very crowded and polluted - unlike how beautiful they remembered it in their prime. When we got to Fort Bonifacio, we found out there was a fee just to enter the park, and the eight of us (seven in the family and my nephew) was just too costly. So we decided to head for MOA. But before we were to leave the beautiful sights around Fort Bonifacio, we loaded up on batteries for the camera and took advantage of the photo opportunities.

Here's our one and only complete family portrait. The rest of the photos were either missing my dad or missing me, the main photographer.

And I'm afraid this is the closest I got to Philippine Fashion Week. Though the L'oreal Paris show was literally right around the corner when we were in MOA around 9:30, I couldn't drag the whole family there. So I settled for these photos.
This is my summer Sunday out ensemble. And oh yeah, those are the thrifted navy Marella pants I mentioned awhile back. That top is one of my favorites. I found it in the middle of the teens section of SM Dept. Pays to hunt for what to shop!

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