Wednesday, October 17, 2012

27 Dress-Ups 02: Laid Back Gray

I love wearing dresses. They're so easy-breezy! With a touch of a few accessories, any dress can create a great chic look. Of course, the dress has to have a nice print or color and just the right shape that could perfect accent the feminine curves.

When it comes to colors, one of the most versatile is surely gray. It looks complimentary to almost any skin color, I think. Of course, to remove the dullness, it can be mixed with colorful and also complimentary accessories. This time, I wore it with my tribal necklace and my pink flats from Paris (from Mom's recent Eurotrip. Hehe).
This dress from Forever 21 surely fuses comfort, style and functionality into one. As you can see here, it actually has pockets so if you're a light traveler, no need for any purse at all for your essentials.
And yes, this is really office worthy. This look's the cross between semi-formal and business casual so it's a big check for our dress-up weekdays. Not to mention, it's also so comfy to wear amid the work stress. Hehe.
It's a little overexposed (little then over, haha) with the shots taken from our backyard so I took this photo in our living room just so you could see the actual print and the tribal necklace.
Have a chill rest of the week.


  1. Sosyalera ka na ngayon! Pa-paris paris na lang at Forever 21. Lumaki na ulo mo. WHAAAT? HAHAHA! Miss you ginja!

    1. Pasalubong lang lahat ni mama! Haha. amishu jaaaay! Asa isang office lang tayo araw araw di pa tayo nagkikita. Haha.