Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Retro-esque Chic

Another quite simple solution to a dull or simple dress is adding a unique accent to it, like a belt, and maybe pulling a cardigan or blazer over it – voila! There’s chic for you.
I was trying to find a great belt that would make the dress more flattering and I ended up experimenting with this long (as in fits-my-waistline long) studded bowtie necklace. It was quite a lucky, stylish discovery!
Going for a whole conservative (‘cause the dress without any cover is quite revealing in the upper torso area and I had to meet my college professor in the university then) yet cool and still casual look (‘cause I was going out with friends after), I slipped on this vintage Benetton denim jacket.
Hunny “dressed up” that day, too, ‘cause we don’t see each other regularly like before and he wanted to be “gwapo” in one of our little day dates. That was the day I “pegged” that we were Lovechic-like. Hehe!
Hunny stylishly rides his purple Mio in this vintage helmet his dad (whom we concluded has the best tastes in accessories from shoes to sunnies) got from Amazon.
The geeky glasses are all his idea. He says he’s Effren – Clark “Effren” (his funny mocking joke for “a friend,” as Superman claims who he is when Lois asks) Kent.

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