Saturday, December 31, 2011

My New Best Suds, "Ladies Beers" Tanduay Ice Red and Blue and San Miguel Lemon

Christmas is always a time of, how shall we put it gracefully... devouring bountifully. 

Parties here and there give everyone the tempting opportunity to binge on our favorite sumptuous treats, and for some, to try new ones.

Not only are food the plentiest, but drinks, specifically alcoholic breverages adorn the parties' tables.

This Christmas season, I was able to try new beers, and might I say that they're what I shall now call "ladies' beers." Like ladies' drinks or cocktails, they give the best sensations to the taste buds, and yet give the beer-goggle effects.

 (Ignore the yuck-San Mig Light. This was taken during our family Christmas party)

On top of the list are my new favorites (and not really beers but vodka-based spirits, hehe), Tanduay Ice Red Mirage (Cherry/Raspberry blend) and Blue Illusion (Pina Colada Mix), both still with 5% alcohol content. I got to try these during our section's Christmas party, and obssess on them during the family's.
I have to post this photo. The one on the right enjoying her Red Mirage is one of my best drinking buddies, ie, one of the strongest or the "pros," and the one on the left with her glass of Blue Illusion is my very "conservative"-imaged forever-college-seatmate and favorite RLE-partner/RLE-mate
Most like the Red one because it tastes like pure sweet carbonated juice, so the bitter taste of alcohol is really concealed. Equally many found the Blue one a peeve because the taste of alcohol's still very noticeable. Personally, I love it more. I guess I'm more of a non-virgin Pina Colada person. Heh.

My very first bottle

Just today, I was able to taste San Miguel's Lemon Flavor Malt Breverage. Although they could perfect the combination more, the blend of lemon to the bitter taste of malt beer gives a refreshing twist to come up with this "ladies' beer."

My consecutive bottles. Hehe.
Giving tons of cases of beer, San Miguel was very generous in sponsoring my mom and dad's high school reunion, so I could have drank like a whole case of Lemon San Mig all for myself. It's only 2% alcohol so it's very light and perfect for a casual, laid-back evening. They also have this is Apple, which I have yet to try.

Pop that bottle open and have a refreshing new year, everyone! (:

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